Wood gasification Boilers.

​In view of rising heating costs and our increasing awareness of carbon emissions, we at Hyper Mechanical are proud to introduce to our lineup the G100, 200 & 400 headmaster boilers. Burning wood for heat releases the same amount of carbon as our would decomposing on the forest floor. With industry leading warranty and designed and manufactured in Manitoba, theses boilers are definitely up to our winters. Unlike many wood boilers, the G series is approved for inside and outside installation. The possibilities are endless. Building your island home? Looking to save on heating costs for your shop, greenhouse, barn or pool? This could be the solution. The unit can be installed up to 100 ft from the buildings or inside. Three or more buildings you need to heat? No problem. We pipe the heat to them. Also designed to tie into any eXisting boiler system you may have. Call up for this, a wood stove, or any other wood heating needs you may have. We are WETT certified and can look after all your building system needs. 

Wood heat.

    There is nothing like it. The flicker of the flame can mesmerize you, holding you in its grip for hours, and imparts a peaceful charm on the whole house. And we wonder what they did before TV! Also wood is plentiful in our region, and with some sweat and forethought, we can really lower the utility costs for fuel.

Perhaps you are looking for options to add wood heat to your house?

Or would you like an inspection for insurance and peace of mind?

Maybe you need some repairs made to your wood-fired system?

Need your chimney swept to remove dangerous creosote deposits?

Perhaps you just would like to have a consult on wood burning and how to operate your stove efficiently?

We have years of experience with wood burning. Technician Luke Forssell is WETT certified as a S.I.T.E. basic inspector and a chimney sweep, and is happy to provide all of the above services. A commited wood burner with two stoves at home, he believes in responsible burning so we all can enjoy wood heat for a long time.

Call to schedule an appointment today. make this your "wood stove winter"!