Ductless mini splits

     Never heard of a mini split? Let us enlighten you! For your heating and cooling needs in a climate such as here on Vancouver island and the gulf islands, they just may be your best solution, so please, read on. 

By using the refrigeration cycle, and moving heat to a "more desirable location", these mini-split systems take the low grade heat in the outside air, concentrate it and put it in your home. Perhaps you have heard that electric heat is 100% efficient. True! However, your ductless split system is over 350% efficient! ( Exterios 9000 - 12.5 HSPF)


Our mini-split brands:


A world leader in HVAC with over 200 million compressors world wide, and the industry leading 28.5 SEER EXTERIOS!


Life is good with LG, and its reliable ductless technology, and the efficient yet surprisingly affordable "builders series"


From a company renowned the world over for its attention to even the smallest details, comes a full line of quality mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners.

Mini-split Q&A

Q: Do they work when i really need the heat, in the winter?

A: Yes. Lets elaborate. Did you know there was still heat in the air at -15C? Well there is, and the Panasonic exterios 9000 series will produce 11000 btus at -15C, and it will continue to operate right down to -19C! The record low here in Ladysmith appears to be -13 over the last 30 years! However you really need to check the specifications for the exact unit you are interested in, as many are not optimized for heating, and are rated at 47F (8.3C). as the temperature drops and your need for heating increases, some units will lose over 60% of their rated heating capacity. The AHRI website lists statistics for most models at 17F or -8.3C, check before you decide! Feel free to consult with us!

Q: Do i need to have the indoor unit on my wall? 

A: The indoor unit is housed in a stylish case that can blend into many surroundings, and the fans are so quiet, that many people don't even notice that its there! However there are many options for alternate indoor units, such as floor mounted, ceiling recessed, even some ducted models for multiple outlets. However the most efficient and economical models continue to be the high-wall ductless units.

Q: What kind of testing do these units undergo?

A: Reputable manufacturers invest countless hours and spare no expense in testing and design to ensure their unit will last for you and uphold your expectations, ensuring a good reputation for years to come. While quite new to many people in our area, this is a global industry, with millions of units worldwide. To see what Panasonic does in this regard, take a look at their Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR8nRA3dLCg&feature=youtu.be

Q: How much money will i save on my heating bills? 

A: This depends on so many variables that it is hard to give a concise answer. However there are excellent calculators online that compare btu output, costs of various fuels, and take into account local climate, allowing you to get a very good answer. My favorite is by FortisBC. It can be found at:  http://www.fortisbc.com/Rebates/HomeEnergyCalculator/Pages/default.aspx

Some of the terminology may be unfamiliar to you, so if you run into trouble, call us and we can setup a time to go over it. The most accurate results will come from you haveing a few years of your previous energy bills handy!

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have, and i will answer them, and if appropriate, post them here in the Q&A so others can benefit as well! Please use our contact form, email or phone. Contact Us